As they bring her back to camp, unsure if they can save her life, Mapleshade hears only one of her kits calling for her. Patchkit had to be carried for too . Once she left, I grabbed the mouse and took it back to Crimsonwish. A more likely explanation I think is that she and Ashfur pretended to feel bad about their actions to get into StarClan. Make more articles! Plus, well be there soon.. Sure, she's an excellent villain that breaks a lot of stereotypes, but that doesn't justify the murder of 3 cats. And, by murder, of course I mean not killing in self-defense or in battle, but rather killing someone due to a personal grudge, or (although we havent seen this happen in this series) just for the thrill of killing another person. Its been a little while but Im glad to be back I am Lilybreeze, and I have a ton of news to catch *drumrolls* at last, the moment all you wonderful folks have been waiting for! Hmm. Mapleshade has kits with a Riverclan tom, Appledusk, and lies about it to the clan. Also, they have the shape and body of a RiverClan cat. Add to library 5. Nothing is known about her kithood, but it's said she was a bold, loyal and skillful warrior, known for her courage in facing enemies such as foxes, badgers and other cats. She sees him in Mapleshade's training sessions, pummeling a light brown tabby she-cat. Ravenwing scents me behind him. After spending moons in the Dark Forest, her appearance became rather distorted andemaciated, witha scarred head, muzzle and face, and ragged, patched, matted fur. Well, he's the only cat to die and make it back to the Clans in a living body. Mapleshade watched them, amused and satisfied. CROOKEDSTAR LITERALLY WELCOMED GRAYSTRIPE (Silverstreams mate of thunderclan) WITH OPEN ARMS IN ORDER FOR HIM TO TAKE CARE OF HIS DARLING KITS! And, while its a little bit fuzzier with Thistleclaw, he did tell Tigerpaw to attack Tiny, and may have had him killed if Bluefur hadnt stepped in, and also the whole Spottedleafs Heart thing, which is controversial and problematic and I dont want to get too into it here, but overall we can agree was gross and bad. It is known that Mapleshade and a few others had survived the Great Battle, as she's later seen with Silverhawk in The Broken Code. Mapleshade watched as the three kits ran up to sniff it. Did you find the Horsetail?. Darkstar denied Mapleshade a place in RiverClan, which fueled her anger even more. So I lay there, in my nest, safely tucked away from the rain. Though Mapleshade had a sad backstory, I dont think you should still kill your kits, just because your mate betrayed you. Water reeds dont grown in Thunderclan.. This list shows the victims Mapleshade has killed: Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Welcome to r/WarriorCats! Mapleshade then became a rogue and quicklyfell into insanity, her mind crawling withhallucinations of her drowned kits. I added Birchface and Flowerpaw for fun :) Materials I used : Strathmore Drawing, Recycled drawing paper. He was purring as leaped on to the river, which made Mapleshade burst with happiness. Mapleshade is a large, thick-furred,tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes, anda long, thick, fluffy, white tail. However, Mapleshade also had a hidden arrogant, naive and selfish side to her, as seen when she acted possessive over Appledusk and disregarded his concerns regarding their relationship, and at one point resisted the urge to attack Frecklewish when the other she-cat attempted to bond with who she thinks are her brother's kits. Crookedstar's Promise. Darkstripe betrayed his clans twice one of which was with blood clan to try and destroy clan life so yeah that's a major offense. I hope you never see Ravenwing in StarClan. She could have acted sorry. And just as Mapleshade expected, a silhouette of a cat was waiting for them. They should live as rogues and loners because that's what they are! Im truly sorry, Birchface. My name is Mapleshade. I dont get how shes so popular when she started her own problems! She was delighted to see another cat go through the same pain that she had. Ravenwing was grateful, Mapleshade could tell. Mapleshade suppressed a purr; Larchkit always made her laugh. Mapleshade wasambitious and enjoyed their admiration, and was also compassionate and affable, as she was usually polite to other cats and felt sympathy for Ravenwing for being ThunderClan's only medicine cat. I'm going to make you pay for every blessing StarClan gave you! In the eyes of StarClan, though, what Mapleshade did was nothing worth banning her to the Dark Forest - she loved a cat from another Clan, and the kits died accidentally. Mapleshade nearly killed Sandstorm, but was stopped by Spottedleaf, the spirit of the former ThunderClan medicine cat. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Yet he goes to StarClan and Mapleshade doesn't even though they both have similar motives (wanting to punish the cats that hurt them.) Hawkfrost especially since he found it easy to manipulate Mothwing and make fake signs.). Along with her she brought her dear, beloved kits: Patchkit, Larchkit, and Petalkit. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Cinematic Universe). They are so young and full of potential. Be patient, and you will find out everything. The pixel artwork is fanart based on the canon description; undefined traits are left to the artist's, This section summarizes Mapleshade's significant. About your prophecy, it could mean anything!!! Im Appledusk, The dark cream tom replies. He was only foiled first when Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost to save Firestar, and second when Squirrelflight revealed that the kits werent hers biologically and tricked Ashfur into thinking their deaths wouldnt hurt her. This leads me to my final theory, which is the only thing that I think truly makes sense: cats choose to go to StarClan or the Dark Forest. Why did Mapleshade hate Sandstorm? That was a reminder, and a good reminder. Thanks! She trusts me now, and I'm so close to the truth! No! We have all night, after all. Good theory! However, Mapleshade was forced to surrender after Ashfur was defeated by the Lights in the Mist and fled. Well, Mapleshade died after she killed Appledusk, whom she had blamed for the death of her kits as well as blaming Ravenwing and Frecklewish. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Winners of the July 2022 fan challenge + new challenge announcement. You have betrayed me and my kits. StarClan really chose the wrong cat to try and mess up, because she just tried her best to protect her kits. You will live to regret this day forever, ThunderClan, and that is a promise.Mapleshade when she is exiled from ThunderClan. To be rejected twice? After Frecklewish leaves, Ravenwing tells Mapleshade that she has made Frecklewish feel like life is worth living again with the birth of her kits. In the second paragraph (I think) Mapleshade was murdering, but im not sure if that counts as for fun. Although now that I'm thinking about it more, Brokenstar could be in the "murdering for fun" group. Its Icetufts Birthday! I went to the back of the den, placing the Horsetail in one of the clefts in the rock. She was apprenticed to Bloomheart and later became a warrior known as Mapleshade. Maybe it's just a matter of how many times you broke the warrior code and how serious these breaks are?Like with Mapleshade, she broke the code like 5 times in the novella I believe and 3 of those times were murder one of which is a medicine cat at the High Stones a place where cats really shouldn't be fighting and especially not killing. Mapleshade buried her muzzle into his fur. And this is Patchkit and Petalkit.. Darkstripe was loyal to a murderous cat, he tried to kill a child. That place is full of weak-willed cowards who clung to the warrior code like ants to a leaf in a puddle. He just wanted to kill them because of their association with Squirrelflight. Is that how you treat fellow apprentices?! And, thats not all! We never actually see her say or think anything about feeling bad for killing Ashfur. And now you treat me worse than prey. Warrior of the Week Gallery #30 - Mapleshade, The Journey So Far: The Place of No Stars. I just was so overwhelmed with all the judging everyone has done of my kits. Who are these little ones?. She kills Ravenwing at the Moonstone. So tell me, is Birchface really the father of this litter?, Mapleshade suddenly felt anger surge through her. But my siblings saved me. -kept it a secret Mapleshade, He stated, I have seen an omen. I love them, and I love you.. But I dont think Mapleshade deserved StarClan. If only you were here. I already asked Oakstar, and he said it was okay. My next post will be about 5 cats that people think deserve the Dark Forest but dont (and one that absolutely does). You will regret this, Appledusk. Vicky has claimed she is tortoiseshell-and-white, She is also depicted as a tortoiseshell on the. I guess Im not his favorite. I went through the agony of bearing your kits! The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. Press J to jump to the feed. However, after allying himself with BloodClan, a large group of violent stray cats from the twoleg city,Tigerstar was betrayed and slain by their leader, Scourge. Well, I think youre right! COULDNT HAVE DARKSTAR AND THE OTHERS BEEN AS GENEROUS TO HER?! Yes, Mapleshade purred. In the same moment, Mapleshade was attacked from behind and mortally wounded by Perchpaw. And, the most unfair thing of all was that Featherwhisker kept Bluestars secret a secret, when the other medicine cat couldnt keep their snout in the right place, resulting in Mapleshades kits death, heartbreak, and grief. You get rejected from StarClan if you truly are evil. Or evil? She tells him that she's expecting his kits, and he promises that they can still see each other when things calm down. Sol | One Eye | Slash's Group (Slash, Bee, Snake) | Stripes's Group (Stripes) | Jacques and Susan | Darktail | Rain | Dodge's Group (Dodge) | Jaggedtooth | Willie's Group (Willie), Non-Cats Thank you, He said dipping his head to her. His apprentice, Perchpaw, attacked Mapleshade and gave her wounds that would later on end her life. For all eternity, Appledusk's kin would mourn the day he had destroyed the life of a ThunderClan warrior. warriorcats. Im tired! Larchkit complained. That place is full of weak-willed cowards who clung to the warrior code like ants to a leaf in a puddle. If it is for Crimsonwish, Im gonna take it. Out of nowhere, Larchpaw leaped on him and pinned him to the ground, although his claws were sheathed. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Mapleshade then turned her rage toward Appledusk. The wind whispered through the trees as Mapleshade bounded through the Thunderclan territory. Mapleshade didnt really care; she just regretted what she said about Birchface being the father. I find the fact that it seems like the Dark Forest is a choice strange, but interesting. It seems weird for StarClan to send her to the Dark Forest if she was trying to save her kits, but I dont think StarClan knew about her visions, nor do I think that she had to free her kits. You now know the truth about everything, as well as not being murdered by Appledusk; you just fell in the river. I think that she was haunted by her grief, and the death of her kits, and when she thought that she had to avenge them, the idea manifested inside her grieving brain. Not wanting to lie to her Clanmates, but also not wanting to put her kits in danger, Mapleshade neither confirmed or denied this assumption, instead letting Frecklewish spread the false rumor. She is often described as ginger-and-white, and once to have white patches, as well as often described as tortoiseshell. Period. After this she only hears two of her kits crying for her, and she thinks she needs to kill three cats total to properly avenge them. -mother to three kits These traumatic events left a huge mark on Mapleshade. And thats no mistake, as she uses a wooden bridge to cross into Fourtrees, and could have used that bridge, noticed the mini-tsunami, and waited for it to pass. She should be ashamed that she caused so much trouble. Upon taking her and the kit's bodies to RiverClan camp, Appledusk blamed Mapleshade for crossing the river which resulted in the kit's deaths, and rejected her in front of his Clan. The medicine cat apologized one more timeabout him judging the kitsbefore he left. Crookedstar spent much of his life being swayed by Mapleshade's vengeful spirit, but once he realized the darkness behind her words, he turned away from her and focused on leading his Clan. Petalkit wrapped her paws around Patchkit's body,while Larchkit leaned his head as to follow his mother. You should be ashamed that you deserted your Clan on a fish-brained mission! Super stupid imo. A fresh fish, straight from the river! Appledusk plucks it down in front of the kits. If a motivation to murder was what mattered, then Ashfur (and maybe Hollyleaf) would also be in the Dark Forest. Again, it is possible that like Ashfur, she felt bad after she died, but I still dont think that its very likely. There, her lust for vengeance unsatisfied, she plotted against ThunderClan and RiverClan, the clans who cast her out. by that logic, why wasn't Mapleshade accepted into StarClan? Copyright 2023. Appledusk returned with a fish in his hands. You, out of all warriors, should know that. Mapleshade was once a good-hearted cat,bent on serving her Clan to her last breath. -mother to three kits There's a massive difference what Mapleshade did to any of Greystripe's killings. Personality and Relationships. Bluestar: Not wishing she were in StarClan. She became mates with Appledusk, a warrior of RiverClan, and was expecting his kits. Crimsonwish lay in another wide hole in the den, sleeping away peacefully. I should have had all that!.Mapleshade attempting to murder Sandstorm. Mapleshade's kits survive the journey to RiverClan and grow up in the new Clan. She is too late, and the she-cat fades from beneath her. this bothers me lots, because part of me genuinely wanted Mapleshade to go to StarClan (yeah, I'd read the books prior to that) when I read Mapleshade's Vengeance. But don't worry, I made them pay. Mapleshade is one of thefewmajor female villains in the. Appledusk refused, but then his new mate, Reedshine, already pregnant, arrived on the scene. The kits soon were playfighting with a leaf that spiraled down from the sky. You have everything that I wanted, Sandstorm! Mapleshadebravely triedto save her kits, and almost drowned herself in doing so, but ultimately failed. Mapleshade deeply loved her kits, especially Patchkit, who seemed to be the most attached to her. He really had no real reason behind killing kits the way he did by attacking them ("training them."). Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. A nearby RiverClan patrol saved her, but to her horror, all three of her kits drowned, with Appledusk blaming her for their deaths. Later on, Mapleshade delivers two toms and a she-cat and names them Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit, respectively. She shook her head, trying to rid off the intruding thought, but it was no use. Ashfurs motives were clearly bad, even though he never actually killed anyone. And, Mapleshade would have naturally hated StarClan for causing the exile of her/her kits by sending the omen to Ravenwing. What is going on here? My mother sounded confused, anxious, and concerned at the same time. However, Mapleshade is rejected by her Clan and is driven out. There is no reason hed know and she wouldnt, but she didnt care. Petalpaw smiled back. Larchkit mews a RiverClan warrior had to save Patchkit. Consider creating an account! Nothing, remember? When her secret was unveiled prematurely by Ravenwing, however, she and her kits wereexiled from ThunderClanas traitors. What If Mapleshade didn't make her kits go into the river? And, yeah I put Mapleshade in the murdering because of a purpose category (wanting to get revenge because of the death of her kits,) but not the murdering for fun category. Appledusk returned with a fish in his hands. According to one of the authors, Vicky Holmes these were actually hallucinations caused by Mapleshade's grief and feelings of betrayal, which drove her mad. Mapleshade watched as the three kits ran up to sniff it. For now, you don't need to know anything else. Appledusk leaped on to the stepping stones and on to the river. Fresh scents of herbs wafted through the air as I, Patchpaw, entered the medicine cat den. Your disloyalty makes me sick. honestly, I'll never understand why Ashfur wasn't in the Dark Forest. Momma, where are we going? Petalkit squeaked. I decide who eats it. He growled indignantly. I am an admin of this site. The results for this wintry gathering! -one of the kits dying This is due to the fact that,unlike most of the other major villains, whose evil actions are driven by a lust for something they've never had, Mapleshade's evil actions are driven by grief and anger over something she has lost. When the Clans moved to new territories, Mapleshade followed and plotted with the other Dark Forest cats to destroy them once and for all, takingin and training more living recruits than ever before. She also killed Frecklewish, who watched her kits drown, and Ravenwing, who revealed her secret as a result of an omen from StarClan, killing three cats in total. True. I dont want you to be tired when we leave.. Are you from Riverclan? We will see what Oakstar says about this. She cuffed Wasppaws ear and he protested, following her to the leaders den. I nodded, trying not to drop the herb. Hi. Deathberries come from the dark-leaved yew bush and can be characterized by their bright red color. Mapleshade killed to avenge her Oakstar should have gone to DF like exiling a queen and kits really dude. Nothing, remember? Villain Episode: This novella shows Mapleshade's downfall and how she first became a villain. During her exile, Mapleshade had visions of her drowned kits, initially wailing for help and then urging her to commit murder. Pouring, actually. I compare Mapleshade to La Llorana the weeping woman form Mexican legends. Tigerstar | Brokenstar | Hawkfrost | Thistleclaw | Mapleshade | Darkstripe | Shredtail | Snowtuft | Antpelt | Breezepelt | Clawface | Redwillow | Silverhawk | Juniperclaw | Darktail | Houndleap | Sparrowfeather | Rushtooth | Maggottail, The Kin "He loved too much". My mentor was busy treating Crimsonwish, who had whitecough. A mate that loved me, kits that I could watch grow up and have kits of their own, the respect of my Clanmates! Afterwards, she gets pregnant with his kits. After this, Crookedkit, now Crookedstar, finally realized that Mapleshade had been manipulating him and confronted her in a dream. Long before she troubled the dreams of Crookedstar or Tigerclaw, Mapleshade was a warrior of ThunderClan. Appledusk gestured for her to come behind a willow tree, so Mapleshade followed, taking one last glance at the kits. As for point 3) yes, I agree that is really a terrible reason, and I honestly cannot believe that it is actually the case. Mapleshade when she joins the Dark Forest. La Llorona drowned her kids after being angry and drowns kids thinking their here own kids, shes in grief and wails for them. Of course, this then begs the question: what is the criteria for a bad cat? So, if murder was a criteria to get someone in the Dark Forest, this would make sense for cats like Mapleshade, Brokenstar, and Tigerstar who all murdered others during their life. I shouldnt have been so quick to judge. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. In Omen Of The Stars, she's also described as being transparent from fading away. It will be my first time!! The river borrowed through the territories like a weaving snake, letting nothing get in its way. Warriors Fanfiction is a FANDOM Books Community. Because of the murders she committed, Mapleshade's spirit was denied entry to StarClan and instead sent to the Place of No Stars, also known as the Dark Forest. What did Ravenwing want with the runt of her litter? Like how you never thought of Mapleshade as evil. Yes, it WAS Mapleshade's Fault that her Kits Drowned by HollyleafTheGreat Fan Articles November 2, 2020 59 comments 4 min read HollyleafTheGreat takes a look at Mapleshade's involvement in the death of her kits. What if her kits didnt live up to Birchface? Their lives didn't matter to her, even though she spent so much time with them. Thats my prey!. Y-You're supposed to be dead!" Frecklewish used Mapleshade's kits to feel better about her brother's death and when that didn't work out she wanted them gone in spite of the warrior code. When Mapleshade said she would raise them alone, Oakstar's daughter, Frecklewish, assumed that her deceased brother, Birchface, had fathered Mapleshade's kits. Mapleshade watched them elatedly, her heart about to bust with love. The following night, she waits at Highstones and kills Ravenwing at the Moonstone. Mapleshade They go to a place beyond StarClan, where they still get to live eternally, but cannot speak with living cats anymore. It was believed by some that she would be leader one day. Your loyalty should be to your Clan, not her! Im not sure about being as tall as the trees, but I know your heart is bigger than any tree I have ever seen., Petalkit bounced happily. You will find much better company in the cats here, Tigerclaw. Join us, Warrior! In the recent months, and years, really, I've noticed that there have been a lot of people who, without much reason, just seem to defend Mapleshade and say she should go to Starclan, blah blah blah. I killed him for you! If only I could truly raise them with you., Mapleshade closed her eyes and smiled sadly. The reasons why she didnt go to the bridge was There has been much confusion over Mapleshade's description. Bluestar and Mapleshade are actually quite the same BlackmailTreasonAttempted mass murder (inc. child murder)Attempted genocideAiding and abettingConspiracyAbuse (physical and psychological)Child endangermentGroomingAssault. She kept their relationship a secret, sneaking out at night to meet him in private. Yes,her mate deserved to die, but I didnt think her kits did. If only they knew. They had returned from the visit with Appledusk, and Frecklewish was watching the kits while Mapleshade went for some air. Mapleshade grinned. Someone I wished would be with you this very moment. Mapleshade pondered over the kind, handsome tom with those brilliant green eyes. It means that really StarClan has little or no power to stop cats from joining them. But you have not won, Mapleshade. Mapleshade swears to get revenge on Appledusk. 1. Lets start off by setting the scence (MAJOR spoilers for Mapleshades Vengeance): Mapleshade, a ThunderClan cat, is secretly mates with Appledusk, a RiverClan cat. She decides that Frecklewish will be her next victim, and uses a mouse to lure her to Snakerocks. She had three kits, Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit, and everyone was asking, "Why didn't you name one after Birchface? by 1.9K 94 23 "Hollyleaf?! Although listed as a RiverClan cat in The Ultimate Guide, Mapleshade was never truly accepted into RiverClan. 3. Cats who betray their Clan should be banished. Next, having learned from Nettlepaw that Frecklewish had watched Mapleshade and her kits crossing the river and blaming her for not saving them, Mapleshade lured the other she-cat to Snakerocks and got her eye bitten by an adder, blindingand eventually killing her. There has been much confusion over Mapleshade's description. So, just to reiterate my point: the Dark Forest makes no sense. and I could go on with Hawkfrost but you get the point only one that can't be justified under this ruling is Thistleclaw which yes he was manipulative to a minor he didn't actually break the warrior code there (Despite it being all types of wrong) and we can make the argument that he wanted to make himself stronger for his clan by going to the dark forest.